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Who are Cloud Payments?

Cloud Payments is a UK Financial Conduct Authority “FCA” approved Agent (registration number 900454) of the UK Financial Institution “Prepaid Financial Services

Cloud Payments is an Irish registered company (incorporated 2014) and provides payment services to consumers in the debt management sector provide easily accessible user friendly web based global payment solutions

Prepaid Financial Services (PFS), is a leading e-money payments institution that specialises in prepaid card issuing and provides banking facilities via its own technology platform.

PIP Eurozone IBAN Current Account:

Current account services with additional functionality specifically designed for PIP’s!

Eurozone IBAN Current Accounts:

  • First Irish non bank entity to provide this solution
  • SEPA payments in and out
  • Real time API solution for the creation of IBAN accounts
  • Available across the 19 countries that use the Euro currency
  • All clients are given their own IBAN number (sort code and account number for UK)
  • No more missing payments, no more wrong references real time SMS alerts to users once payments hit the account
  • Full fraud monitoring suite and support

IBAN Current Accounts specific to PIP‘s:

  • Specific current account system designed for PIP’s with input from APIP & ISI
  • ISI reviewed; full compliance with ISI regulations including:
    • – each client is assigned a separate IBAN current account
    • – non-comingling of client funds with other client funds i.e. separate accounts
  • Full reporting functionality including csv & excel exporting for reconciliation purposes
  • Automated e-mail receipting function when client lodges funds (ISI requirement)
  • Instant opening of IBAN current account with real-time account set-up
  • Fixed monthly fee not subject to VAT, fee can be included as arrangement outlay
  • Batch or singular payments-case can be created at inception without requirement for further input save annual review amendments or case driven exceptions
  • IBAN Current Account complete with MasterCard Debit Card – useful for bankruptcy cases
  • Service fully operational and live since March 2016