Cloud Payments become the first Irish based non-bank entity to offer current accounts in Ireland

Cloud Payments, a leading Irish online Payment Provider that specialises in prepaid card services and the provision of on-line banking services has extended its banking solution to become the first Irish non-bank provider to launch an IBAN Current Account service to customers!

The major benefit for the account holder is the ability to set up recurring payments directly from their Cloud Payments current account with full online access across the Eurozone. No more missing payments, no more wrong references complete real time SMS alerts!

With unparalleled flexibility the solution is a perfect fit for SME’s, MNOs/MVNOs, governments, credit unions, consumers and businesses thus offering banking facilities to our customers, in parallel to an e-wallet or prepaid card account.

This latest innovation further cements Cloud Payment’s position as one of Ireland’s newest fastest growing indigenous FINTECH payment providers by fully utilising its stakeholder and partnership agreements to provide multiple payment solutions to the benefit of consumer and business customers operating including those operating in the SME sector.

Cloud Payments recognises that many of our European clients want to combine the ease of use of a basic current account with the flexibility and functionality of a prepaid card. The ability to switch a card, or account, off in real time or just enable it for when the customer wants to use the card is a huge benefit to the client. In addition, clients can effectively “block” certain types of transactions or spend at different merchant category codes, including blocking access to cash etc. Cloud Payments and its partners can now offer a total range payments services with acquiring services for ecommerce merchants, issuing of prepaid cards and now the launch of our IBAN current account banking product in GBP and Euro across 19 countries. It enables us to provide everything a consumer or business needs, all through a single provider.